Thursday, April 23, 2015

The First Palestinian Pop Star Returns With A New Hit @MaherHalabi

The first recording artists to meet the criteria of pop stardom is actually the song of Arab 48 Maher Halabi. It was almost 20 years ago that he releases his first single and then came the music video and all of sudden the people in Palestine started being proud of one of their own.

Maher Halabi sang then about how he is love was forced to get married to another guy despite their love. A story too common among men in the Middle East. Now, Maher returns with a new single where she tells his love that no matter how bad her treatment of him is, it's still sweet. It plays on the saying that, your worst is still sweet. I like how the song sounds like across between Syrian and Lebanese styles.  

Maher Halabi - Morrik Helou [Official Lyric Video] (2015) / ماهر حلبي - مرك حلو


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