Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Hottest Arabic Dance Song Is Actually Saudi! @Masha3elStar

Songstress Mashael is getting words of congratulations as she released a new single that feels so awesome. A new single from a Khaleej based artist is usually do not get the attention of the Arab press, but not Mashael.

She just make a pop sons that sounds so American and so Latin and so Arabic all at once. Want something cool? She collaborated with her hubby (he composed the music) on this track. A lovely song with a catchy title and a global beat. Saudi Arabia is going places and since Mashael comes form this conservative part of the world, she is really making the local music so much more wonderful.

It was 2008 when we first heard of this bright artist and six years later, she is still making music that excited people from different backgrounds. I love the production and the music arrangement in this release, it's like nothing we have seen from Saudi Arabian music. "Mosibaty" means in Arabic "My Calamity"....while the title is dark, the song is so energizing. Yes, you can dance, even in Saudi Arabia they do.
مشاعل - مصيبتي (النسخة الأصلية) حصريا | 2015


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