Tuesday, April 14, 2015

See Haifa Wehbe Set The Universe On Fire For Breathing You In @HaifaWehbe

It has been more than a year since we heard of Haifa Wehbe's new upcoming American music video, now it's out and it feels like a global song. Sure, it's a club mix, house's best record. haifa is singing in English and being Haifa exepct on a bigger stage.

While Haifa Wehbe is a global star, this works will make sure that people know why she is the big name she has become. I like her bold move with this very expensive music video that celebrates the world with some of the most fashion-forward outfits and music.

What a teat for her fans. I just love how everything adds up. There are a lot of good looking people, special effects, and dazzling outfits. Not to forget the catchy lyrics and music. This is a milestone in Arabic pop and for the career of the versatile Haifa Wehbe. I like her American team that managed to put this thing together. So many Arab pop stars have tried to do what Haifa just did, but they could not pull it off.

While the title might be tired, the music, affects and the space are not. This is an ambitious work of art that required Haifa to challenge herself to do things she has not done before.

Haifa Wehbe - Breathing You In


  1. I have to disagree. The video's okay but I don't think she pulled off anything but a forgettable club song that probably won't cross over into the mainstream. In my opinion, this is not an especially well made record. The melody doesn't have a strong structure, the hook is really more like a weak jingle than part of a fully realized song, and the production is thin and unimaginative. You can certainly take a limited musical concept and turn it into a great dance record. Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" only consists of a couple of lines of melody and about two dozen words, but Moroder and Bellotte wove what was barely enough music to qualify as a song into layers of swooping tones and pulsing beats, and it was magical. This isn't.