Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ahlam Just Had The Biggest And Most Expensive Album Launch Party (Video)

During a press conference for Arab Idol last year Ahlam insulted the Arab press that covers music, not the smartest thing to do if you want people to like you. She now pays for her stupid comments. She did hold a big event and album launch party in the Mall of Dubai and no one seemed to brother writing about it.

The UAE artist released a decent album last week and it deserves a lot of attention, not because it can cure cancer, but because it's the labor of love and hard work. The lady took over the mall and met with her fans who came from all over the Gulf region to see her at the mall (see the interviews)

I must say, her makeup for the event was something else. Ahlam has a really good voice that overs warmth and complexity. It's her firebrand personality that gets her in trouble. She now dubs herself the queen and the Artists of Arabs.

There was a big turnout and lots of money invested in this event and the excitement was clear. It seems Ahlam wanted to have her revenge and get back at all her doubters that she still has it and the fans love her. I like that, having a big company back you up does help too

حفل اطلاق البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام | Ahlam Album Launch


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