Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Tamer Hosny 2013 Album "Bahbak Enta"

You really have to listen to each of the songs in entirety because some songs change gears and keep you guessing what will happen next.

01. Bahbak Enta, simple techno music intro to keep things upbeat till this singing bird takes on the microphone to confess his love. I love how the song sounds like a plea right before it kicks off the party and shed a whole new Tamer mood.
02. Ya Ba5t Elly Hat7beh, this song was released in advance to hype up the album and it did the trick. A Romantic gem sing with a catchy Egyptian beat, a new song for Tamer who has done similar songs before. The topic might attract younger college aged listeners  not so much the family folks. A gleeful song with shades of romance.
03. Elly Rah, this is a winner song, we have never seen this wise Tamer Hosny talent before. He sounds grownup and sick of living with people who live do not give back. I am a fan and think Tamer landed a smashing hit, his emotions come through in genuine fashion.
04. Had Shabhoh, a sad about what could have been? a ballad that exists in each and every culture and tongue. Could we be reunited again? A song about the similar faces, and names we see in other people. The Deja Vu feeling we get when we see someone and think we have known them from a past life. A sweet song
05. Magnon Ana, Again, I love the intro, I could be hearing this song in some Latin area, or an area where street music is king. I appreciate how this song is made, it's fashioned in the American style of keeping things interesting and singing without singing. Lyrics are not that fresh, but as the song is catchy, you won't notice.
06. T3ala N3esh, Let's love is the title! I have heard this song from Tamer before. The sweet and gentle soul guy is back. I do not like those songs, but the targeted audience is not me. I do fine the music delightful and sophisticated 
07. W Mn Ba3dy Eltofan, a happy song from a man who sounds if he lives without a care in the world. A balanced approach to dance and pop. I love the title, we care only for number one. I do not care how it all plays after me--do not care if the flood stroke. About being selfish in a relationship. The music is made right with incredible production.
08. Saf7a Gdeda, A new page is the title! Start over, and hope people won't call you out. The song starts slow, then it takes us into the inside of crazy club with the mix. A fun song for the live concerts, but Tamer slows it when he sings, then the song chances pace few times. I like 80 percent of the music, but loud is the norm.
09. 5alena E5wat, a song you play in dark night, when you are about to do something more private in an intimate setting. Here' comes the boom, the song is about "Lets' Be Friends Instead!" Who hasn't heard this before? I am not sure what to make of the song by a guy talking about another guy--he might be singing in the voice of a lady. Again, I have enjoyed this song and loved the story it tells and the simple lyrics if puts to good use.
10. Habet Etnen, the love triangle song, I do not like the logic, but life is illogical sometimes. The song has never heard before lyrics. A dilemma when you fall in love with two people at the same time. This is like taking a journey inside the mysterious minds of many people in relationship. I love how Tamer talks about pride and self-respect here. I like the distinct Egyptian melody, and something tell ms the fans would welcome them too. Could it be possible I have met the right person at the wrong time?
11. Ya Ret Terdy, a classical start, love the guitar strokes. A dreamy song from a guy who wants to forget the past and start a new page. A gentle song by a very emotional version of the artist with a great melody that comes painted in sorrow. This is a smooth track But will they forgive?
12. 3orba, Tamer Hosny has traveled the world and with that comes the feeling of being away, missing on somethings. This is the homesickness song that most of his fans who live abroad will find it amazing. He traveled and performed for them--came to the US, went to Europe and Dubai. He is apologetic for those who live away. Naturally, I like this song and I welcome Tamer Hosny in the expats club.
13. Ya Retoh Yestahel, save best for last, the song sounds like a video game, then Tamer Hosny walks in a parade with a guest--I now know it's her friend and guy with the Free Music lable Baha Soltan. Tamer has never big on duets, this is a good surprise. This is not a love song, a song about learning a lesson and marching forward.


  1. It would be great if he included all english subtitles to his new songs. I can not understand most of the words he sings as arabic is not my native language.

  2. I can translate the songs for you, Anonymous !

  3. @Licia can u translate had shabhoh?

  4. @licia you can translate in this because I try to get translate but always failed :(

  5. Yea, can u pls translate had shabahoh, t3ala n3esh and 3orba. Appreciate it vry much.