Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Video Just Made Me Cry--With Tears And Everything

Ayman is the Palestinian political prisoner who refused food for 260 days, and finally the Israelis agreed to send him on exile to Gaza, away form his home in Hebron. He has been in Gaza for three days and his family had to walk through hell to get to the hell called Gaza.

See the moment he got to see his mother and see the real emotions caught on camera. Keep on mind, this is Mother's day, and this mother has not seen her song for a long time--he served 10 years in jail where he was sentenced to thirty.

The mother could not hold back, after all this hero to so many Palestinian is the one she gave birth to and fed. He is her little son is grateful to her and there is so much love. This video will touch your soul and send your eyes to tears. Mother, we love them, and they love us unconditionally.

عائلة الشراونة تُعانق أيمن في غزة


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