Friday, March 8, 2013

On International Women's Day Comes This Subtitled Dream

Women do not exactly have easy in Egypt, it's an observation from watching from the outside and the many dramas airing on TV today.

So this International Women's Day comes a song by one of the finest rappers Egypt have come to know Ahmed Zap Tharwat. He is the socially responsible rapper who promotes good virtue, patriotism and being good. And a first time guest or perhaps the main attraction vocalist Sherine.

Together they have a song about achieve one's dreams--mostly catering to women on their day of empowerment. The song puts to focus all the negative commentary and treatment women are subjected to in Egypt and beyond. They are not the only ones locking in the females. Some even make the case about the mistreatment of women even in places like America.

A song against violence, harassment, and discrimination. It's a smart song about women who want to take a challenge and make something new.  I dig the guitar and the many back stories the music videos brings to light.

@QabilaTV هوصل - شيرين عمرو وزاب ثروت


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