Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dance To Joseph Attieh - Rayhin Beytna / رايحين بيتنا

Joseph Attieh used his time on Star Academy well. Among his peers he has survived the post show fame and focused on building up his brand. He is a cool, and a lovable entertainer. He is drama free and works in silence, he speaks when he have something new to say.

We now know, he can sing romantic/dance/and Tarab style songs. But he is also a killer drummer, and he has surprised many with his direction of one of his hits. But largely  he has done most of his songs using the Lebanese dialect--his own. He has largely manged to do two things, be the dream boat voice for the young people. and be that fantasy for the older women who still think he is cute.

This time he is back with a new single about happy couple who are asking for blessings as they move in together, hoping to start a family. Joseph chose this song, or it chose him in the Egyptian dialect. I love the beat, and how the song is planned out, there is the happy Arabic dance stuff, but also the club people will like it as it has some house mix.

 Joseph Attieh - Rayhin Beytna / رايحين بيتنا


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