Thursday, March 14, 2013

WATCH: Zayne - Be Weird In Be Strong / زين - كن قوى

Zayne is a guy who has some dance moves, his moves are even pretty amazing outside of his cosmos of fans. He is so smooth and has a nice movement and flow. He seems very slick and quick, so he has won that recognition. His style is vibrant, unique sound and represents one of a kind dancing style.It's his singing or choice of songs that I do not connect to.

Now, his dance moves are worthy of the likes of Justin Temberlake. It's his singing skills that has a room for growth. I am not taking issue with the music video--even though it feels inaccessible to me, but those are strange times and one gets older not younger. Weird sells and young people like weird--no no further than Lady Gaga.

The message of his songs may apply to troubled places all across the Arab world--Syria could use his message of "be strong" and so can Egypt--where Zayne is deeply connected. It's a great credit for him to have written the song. It makes him the first British singer with an Egyptian background to release an English song in the Middle East.

I think it's hard to market talents like the artists here, the Arab world is just trying to figure it out thanks to many TV shows where similar talents have met the mainstream. Zayne, you are a cool catch, now is the time to do something that will set you apart. There's an amazing way to incorporate Arabic beats into Western ones, you have gone to great length to do comes the need to figure how to sell it.

Zayne - Be Strong / زين - كن قوى


  1. I liked his clip an excellent start for him i agree on the type on choice from hearing his other songs this one is out of his style yet i still like this song Zayne is very diverse BUT only thing i disagree on 'weird' far from it:)

  2. yes the weird comment is a bit over the top! clearly everyone can see there's nothing weird about him or the clip i don't understand

  3. To the comment above, weird is good it's just another word for mysterious and he does look it in the clip. Nice music, about time we see something new in the middle east

  4. beautiful as usual Love u Zayne X