Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Download Fares Karam 2013 Album البوم فارس كرم 2013

Oh, Fares Karam loved himself too much, he has two pictures of himself on the cover for his new album out today. What's better than one time Fares Karam other than another one? Once he is standing and another when he is sitting like a king. He is a king of Lebanese pop--there are too many imitations but he alone stood the test of time and has shown us that he can rock.

It's not summer season until we get an album from either Fares Karam or Najwa Karam, this time Fares beat Najwa to the punch. A dance focused album, think this is what would Justin Timberlake would sound if he sang in Lebanese. Fares maintains his style throughout the album, and stands tall as Rotana releases his album.

I find his songs catchy, and passionate all for once. The music is always the same, but the energy is what matters with Lebanese Debka style songs. They feel folksy, think river dance down south in the country. The album videos have not been released yet, I will post them once they make it, but the album is out now. So buckle up you are in for a ride. I know those world famous Lebanese lounges, hookah places and dance floors will be playing this track all summer long.

He is the blue-collar artist who refuses to stray away form his style and his motherland--he has not done many songs in other dialects.  Twelve tracks are a treat for Fares' fans, and I have yet to give the album a listen.

01 - Ajebni
02 - Al Asemah
03 - Am Dawir Ala Arouss
04 - Badda Asfourieh
05 - Bkhatrik
06 - Dadi
07 - El Raoucheh
08 - Elli Byekzoub Ala Marto
09 - Fawaa El Metre we Sabean
10 - La Mchilik Hafeh
11 - Marrou Al Ayna Bnayat
12 - Tfarkash Be Khyalo

Fares Karam NEW ALBUM Teaser / إعلان ألبوم فارس كرم

Fares Karam NEW HIT El 3asmeh / فارس كرم - العاصمة


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