Sunday, March 31, 2013

WATCH: Melissa Brings Sexy Back In Nanana كليب ميليسا - نانا

She is Lebanses but she has what it takes to be a pop sensation around the globe. She has the voice, the looks and the teams who want to work with her. After doing three songs duets with the likes of Akon, she is now ready to step on her own for the world to meet her.

This time she is not doing Arabic, but rather a song that Arab youth can appreciate along with the global audience--say the club around Europe and Russia. I dig the new look and to be frank, had this song been released in Europe first, it will be all over their radio stations. She worked with a London based team that took their work and the star seriously. There is also a foreign director who seem to know his way around the pop style music videos.

This is how it works, you just need to have connection with the producers and the radio people who can bring your song to play around. "Nanana" is the title and it's catchy song that locusts on the beat and the motions. There are too many cool looks, and I must admit, this is a good choice and hope the song travels. I do not think her new single lacks one thing.

It seems the song has been picked and well-received by the fans out there, it seems now she has more friends than enemies. People like successful artists and like to pick winners. Also this is a good exercise song, it gets your engine running. You cannot match the energy, if you had any more, things will start exploding.

Melissa Nanana - ميليسا نانا

Melissa Nanana - ميليسا نانا


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