Monday, March 25, 2013

Assala Nasri Brought Down The House On X Factor

She is the elder songstress who looks and feels younger that her peers who are sitting on the panel of judges. None of them can deny how talented she is and how of an important figure she has been. While appearing on the X Factor Assala owned the night and stole the show with her fashionable outfits.

You can tell, her performance of her latest songs were well revived. I have seen her before interview Weal Kfoury on her hit show, but do not know much about the extend of her relation with the other X Factor judges. The lady looks great and her show was a topic during the interview--Assalah gave a shout out to the judges and complimented them. 

This Syrian lady knows how to bring down the house. Assalah risked a lot of coming to Beirut to film the show, but she did anyway. 

اصالة - شخصية عنيدة - العروض المباشرة 1- The X Factor 2013


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