Monday, March 25, 2013

Dancing With The Arab Stars Want Myriam Fares

The producers are working hard to bring the popular dance show "Dancing With The Stars" to Arab audience, they cannot have a dance show without the most famous and shameless dancer Lebanese pop star Myriam Fares. The songstress has a large fan base on the virtual world, as she has one of the biggest and most popular Facebook pages.

The producers and Myriam Fares has been locked in negotiation for few months now. Neither the producers  nor Ms.Fares are talking about the deal. Myriam has one of the busiest schedules, she is popular for wedding and private concerts. Will, she make time to be a judge on the show? No one knows, but she has done a TV stint with her game show quiz where she danced her tail off.

No one dares to question Myriam's dance moves, she has all the right moves, just YouTube it and find out for yourself how flexible Myriam really is. Will she dance for the show? The show will air on Lebanese MTV, a channel known for shocking people.

Myriam Fares, dancing Duo Celebrity


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