Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Listen: Fadi Andrawos 2013 Single / ما بعرف كون - فادى أندراوس

Fadi Andrawos is the original indie rock star from Lebanon by the way of Palestine. He is one of those artists that have always found their own path. He is not the one to hold a contract, put on a suite and talk to some company. He just wants to make music, as he likes to be free.

This is why he rocks in both English and Arabic, and he is flawless in both languages  He has some hard metal chops, he enjoys that look very few Arab stars can pull off. And yes, he is a musician, and a rebel inside. Where in his new song, he is asking to be loved the way he is--unconditionally.

He sings, if you want to love me, let me be me! I love his style and have come to admire his creative process. He makes music that crosses cultures, and sings lyrics that crosses the gender boundaries. His style is getting around Arabia just not...many Egyptians indie artists are taking his approach. Fadi is never controversial  he is just distinct, you cannot really copy him. He does not offend, and neither does he ask people to be like him instead, he seeks to live and let live.

Such artists are perfect for live interactive concerts, because they make the experience more vivid and real. He approaches his music as if he was a regional star with a global sight--like most rock stars in Latin America. Local is the new universal. Fadi might not be on a TV near you, but his near cult fellowship has stuck by his side for years. 

Fadi Andrawos - Ma ba3rif koun 2013 / ما بعرف كون - فادى أندراوس


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