Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Will The Real Lara Scandar Stop Faking It

Lara Scandar likes to think she bridges the gap between Egyptian and Lebanese styles. In between Western and Eastern music. She has done some work to show she she is a well-rounded pop star for the Facebook generation. She has a mentor in Beirut so she visits often.

But she is also part Italian--she sings in Italian too, and she is partial a Californian, so she is all about the party. Lara Scandar is like the star companies want us to fall in love with, she can sell stuff. Her songs are the kind of empty songs about let's sing together, enjoy the sunshine. That's fine if this feels organic, you cannot really force

Now, she is with Herbal Essence selling shampoo, she sat with Elaph to talk about her songs, concerts and the products she endorses. She is also ready to talk about Christmas, the white kind.
لارا اسكندر تجول في شوراع بيروت مع صديقاتها


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