Thursday, March 28, 2013

WATCH: Ahmed Mekky Funny Movie إعلان فيلم سمير ابو النيل بطولة احمد مكى

This will be the movie of the summer, the one movie that will be able to make 90 million Egyptians and a hundred million more Arabs to laugh will be the new movie by the funny man Ahmed Mekky.

The movie is stuck in the eighties and for those who are nostalgic to characters from that era. Street smart characters are nothing new, but none makes them so local and so random like how actor Ahmed Mekky makes them. And doubling the entertainment by bringing to the screen Lebanese songstress-cum-actress Nicole Saba.

I love the sidekicks, they always get a fair screen time and a fair share of funny one-liners. Ahmed has placed himself the king of one-liners and soundbites. This is the one movie I cannot wait to watch this summer when I visit Egypt.

The trailer shows a lot of pop culture knowledge and lampooning a number of songs and singers like Haifa Wehbe. Aside from that, the movie takes issues with a number of personalities like those talking heads, and the kids who like to brag about change and protesting.

الاعلان الثانى لفيلم سمير ابو النيل لاحمد مكى

إعلان فيلم سمير ابو النيل بطولة احمد مكى


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