Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Nancy Ajram Is Becoming Increasingly Fake

If you ask most Arabs, they will agree Nancy Ajram is a huge star. Why? I would say she has manged to sell cute, by posing as the girl next door. The spunky girl that looks exotic and has and exotic name yet still act as if she is some some small village in Lebanon or Egypt. For her music video from (2003-to 2007). We all remember that poor girl's dress she wore while she was doing laundry as her boy tries to win her affection.

But then she changed her image from that to the girl that wears tons of jewelry, promotes fancy and glamorous life. Nothing wrong with that, no one says anything wrong with making lots of easy money. But that's not we have all come Nancy Ajram. We loved her on camera antics and who she is, not the girl that is a walking billboard.

Just look no further than her latest music's full of glamour and gold. Her millions of fan base around the Arab World won't connect with that. Those kind of music video has gotten really old now. She is now joining those reality TVs as a judge, so once again she is further turning people's love into her personal ATM machine.

Nancy Ajram has always been a trend sitter since 2009, I think she is no longer doing that. Would that mean much? I do not know, but Nancy could be looking at a bigger house and more vacations.

Nancy Ajram - Aah W Noss

Nancy Ajram - Badak Teb'a Fik / نانسي عجرم - بدك تبقى فيك


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