Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Sexy Without Trying! Diana Haddad Does It

Diana Haddad was never a sex symbol  she was married at a young age and and had her two girls. Now she is divorced after being part of one of the most successful marriages in the Arab entertainment  She tried to stage a comeback, and she made a good album last year, but the album lacked focus and lacked one strong song with a great music video.

The Lebanese national and citizen of the United Arab Emirates has finally brought something back, her cool factor. Her most recent collaboration with Jad Shwery. Jad has made man music videos some of the are laughable others are over the top sexy. But the music video her directed for Diana Haddad is actually his finest music video to date.

Diana knew she was taking a risk with Jad, but he seems to be a fan of hers--the one who knows how far she would be willing to go. He seems to put her at peace and in a comfortable place. Their music video is pretty nice. I love the cool Diana, her outfits and her many looks--not one bad one. She has done most of the heavy listing with her vocal chords. She sounded exactly like she did back in 1997 when the world fell in love with her.

Her song is about Adam trying to open Eve's heart while he is in London and she is in Beirut. The lyrics are those of Faris Iskander, and the music is the vision of Salim Salamah.

Diana Haddad - Aklby Wafy / ديانا حداد - قلبي وفي


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