Friday, March 29, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Lara Scandar "About a girl" Album البوم لارا اسكندر

If you needed a pop album recorded in between Cairo and Beirut that rocks the boat and do something different, then you have Lara Scandar Album "About a girl", this album is new in some markets but it has been released more than a year ago in Lebanon.

I know the artists and her production team wish things were better at home at the moment, but it seems they could wait no more and the album came out. There 11 tracks if you count the remix version. There are songs in three languages, Arabic, English and cute Italian song performed between Lara and her father.

Egypt also get a praise song by Lara who calls Egypt--the mother of the world. There are varying styles throughout the album, but the emphasis is on pop dance songs. However, Lara allows herself to be seen as a strong vocalist.

There are personal songs on this album that tell more about Lara and less about the listener  but I find the album entertaining and has a fresh feel. This might be the finest English pop album that comes out of an Arab country to travel the world.

01 - Mission Is You
02 - Egypt
03 - Taalou Ghannou Maaya
04 - Who I Am
05 - No More
06 - Falling Out Of Love
07 - Chains
08 - Amci Di Sempre
09 - See The Beauty
10 - My Friend
11 - Mission Is You - Club Mix

Lara Scandar - Taalou Ghannou Maaya | لارا اسكندر - تعالوا غنوا معايا


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