Thursday, March 28, 2013

Listen: Ramy Essam - Gika رامى عصام - جيكا عايش

Ramy Essam, the activist who likes to sing and rock. Released yet another song calling for change and promoting the more secular parties in Egyptian politics--the very ones that failed to win. Ramy sort of have moved into Tahrir Square and made it his home. He has performed there many times, and have become the voice of the revolutionaries and the source of their entertainment.

He has his heavy base, and the song is in the third person using the voice of the Shaheed--the fallen. Where those who have been murdered in cold blood ask Ramy not to give up the fight and continue the protest till bring justice and freedom. This song I like, but when Ramy goes on the attack attacking certain factions he loses me.  

Ramy Essam - Gika رامى عصام - جيكا عايش


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