Monday, March 25, 2013

Listen: Asma Lmnawar SAFI 2013 جديد أسماء لمنور صافي

Asma Lmnawar has the music culture of the West Arabia, and she took it all the way with her to the Eastern Arabia, and made so many golden hits. This time she has a fusion song in between Gulf style, Iraqi dance beat, Spanish guitar and Moroccan spices.

The new single from the Moroccan diva is Safi or "It's All Good". A better song from this top talent who has made a career in the wealthy Gulf nations. I adore the new look of hers---the glasses may tell a story like her elder Aziza Jalal  another Moroccan diva who wore them in the eighties.  I like the simple look and the dialect that is not meant for one market and not the other.

A good middle path song by a super talented artist whose limits have yet to be defined. I like the energy the artist and her back up singers inject into the song. This song is the kind that gets you to move your head along as the song plays.


  1. Seems to be a great artist, but what is the messaje of the song?