Monday, March 11, 2013

Download: Carole Samaha New Hit Album البوم كارول سماحة - احساس

If there is one pop star in the Arab world that takes her albums seriously, I would chose Lebanese diva Carole Samaha. There are many others who are serious about making music, but very few of them invest in their music, most of them find someone else to pay for their songs. Carole goes her own path, hires the best names and tells them to be serious.

She gives her finest performances in the new album, with 13 tracks that come in different styles. She has written at least song songs in the album herself. She has traveled far and close to ensure her album is all her. She got Rotana to distribute her album--they really worked hard to ear her trust.

I have so far heard three songs, and boy are we in for a treat! This is one super ride, like a curated tour in world music with special focus on Arabic styles from the past. Salim Assaf worked on it, and so has Marwan Khoury and the golden touches of music producer Michael Fadel do show. Go to iTunes, and get yourself a copy--when made available. It should release on the 13th of this month 13 after 2013 and 13 tracks. She is unafraid of bad luck.

Smooth and bold is this album.

01 - Ehssas
02 - El Afrah
03 - Hakhounak
04 - Inta Tofl Kbir
05 - Ohdonni
06 - Ana Geet
07 - Wahshani Belady
08 - Yaoumayn Shahrayn
09 - Mosh Maakoul
10 - Mosh Tayaak
11 - Khedni Maak
12 - Wou Taawadet
13 - Ma Bnethammelsh Baad

Carole Samaha - Khallik Behalak / كارول سماحة - خليك بحالك