Thursday, March 21, 2013

Diab Mashour And His Prison Inmate Song

The sixties and seventies were very kind to one folksy Syrian singer, Diab Mashour who has appeared on a Syrian play/TV show playing the role of the prison's singer. He is connected to Iraq by the river where they share common cultural antidotes. He is an image known for his nice and sweet voice recounting stories from the village. Diab plays the flute, the oud, and the violin 

He visited Damascus and played his song to then comedian Duraid Laham who loved his song so very much and asked him to appear on his show. He recorded his song sin Beirut and Jordan and remain classics to this day. Simple songs, the kinds your grandmother would sing you as she puts you to sleep

Diab traveled to the States to do concerts for Arabs there, he has even made it all the way to the Philippians. He composes his songs and performs them, and refuses to represent his older songs to fit with today's tastes.

ذياب مشهور ـ يابو ردين يا بوردانه


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