Saturday, March 30, 2013

X Factor Guest Pop Star Mohamed Fouad Shines

Arguably, he is one of the most beloved and most real Egyptian singers, he is the home boy and the one who has always been close to the people. That means he never pretend to be something he is not. But for the past two years Mohamed Fouad was not feeling too healthy--he has spoken about his struggle with his weight and low energy.

But, you would never know that when you watch the man work the stage as he performed some of his better songs in a crazed in studio fans. He had the biker look, gosh we miss this fine entertainer and I am very pleased with his rocking comeback.

You cannot take certain things, like the love and loyalty of his seamlessly never ending fan base. He performed a number of songs including the sweet romantic one and the upbeat dance number. Note lip sync, that did not seem to hold back  Fouad from standing tall. Cannot wait for his new album that should be dropping this year.

محمد فؤاد - أغنية "إبن بلد" - العروض المباشرة 2 - The X Factor 2013

محمد فؤاد - بين ايديك - العروض المباشرة 2 - The X Factor 2013

نصيحة محمد فؤاد للمشتركين - العروض المباشرة 2 - The X Factor 2013


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