Friday, March 29, 2013

Carole Samah Upcoming Music Video كارول سماحة إحساس

Carole Samahe flew to Paris to shot her music video--to be released soon. Ehasas is that song and it's that tile song for Carole Samaha's most recent album. She teams once again with her favorite director--also French where they have shot a dozen music videos together.

The music video seems to be telling a story of a woman with an emotional void when she has dumped her former lover. The song create a sorrow filled mood, and I hope the music video captures such emotions. To her credit not only is Carole a great songstress, she is a gifted actress as well.

It looks simplistic--like most of her music video--she is the star and the song is right there in the center. Nothing too flashy, just the right elements. Watch behind the scenes from the filming of the upcoming music video, the cast and the set. Something about Paris that makes Carole race to to film yet another music video in that city.

EXCLUSIVE 'كارول سماحة - كواليس تصوير فيديو 'إحساس


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