Monday, March 11, 2013

The United Egyptian People's Song حميد الشاعري وعلاء عبد الخالق ومصطفى شوقي -انا مصر

The trip of Hamid El Shari, Moustafa Shawki, and Ala Abed El Khalik stole this month of March with the release of their new song, about the united people. They celebrate everything that brings them together and not worry about the things that pull them apart.

A sweet vocal treat from three guys whose voices we have grown enjoying. Hamid is the man behind this song, but the three performers rally around, we all worship differently, but the homeland is all ours. I wish the politicians would listen to this song and apply it in their work.

The music video makes it out and we get to see the best places and best things about Egypt, the song itself reminds us why this place matters. A serious song from three patriots comes in the right time.

حميد الشاعري وعلاء عبد الخالق ومصطفى شوقي -انا مصر


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