Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WATCH: Mat Elkalam Cairokee اغنية كايروكى - مات الكلام

Egypt's hottest and biggest rock band started as an indie band till they all of a sudden got big. Commercial money started flowing, promoting soft drinks, energy drinks and just about anything. They are covted on TV shows and asked to comment on all things Egypt. They have toured the world and back, and still they are still the most popular band in Egypt.

Their fan base keeps on growing, and they sort of reach out for the cool aisle. More and more they are focused on their look, and outfits. New haircuts and grooming are in order, they now look like every other mainstream American band. What still sets them apart is their lyrics, passion and messages about changes in Egypt.

They are back with a new song that serves as the soundtrack for an upcoming indie film about the Revolution in Egypt. This is an A list film with top talents, the song is way out there, about the meaning of change and to quote, the nightmare in your dreams.

They pick on the security officers in Egypt, their torture and abuse methods. And doing all that in an abandoned building. But do not worry their guitar and vocals are still on the money. This is the anti-establishment, it sets Egypt as the people vs. everyone else including the politicians and people with authority. Amir Eid wrote the dazzling lyrics and I tell you they sound as a shot in the ear. Their fire in the belly is still on.

Mat Elkalam Cairokee


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