Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Year's Best Arabic Mother Day Songs أجدد أغاني عيد الأم

It's the month of March and it seems Arab singers remember their mothers and release songs on this very socially day--celebrated universally in the Arab world. We may disagree on Valentine day, but on Mother's day we all turn into the best version of our selves.

For the first time, we have a real mother singing with her son on this day where both of them celebrate motherhood. Then a charming Egyptian singer-cum-composer Ramy Sabry releases his beloved homage song. And the party guy of Lebanon Joe Ashkar stands tall as he sings for his mother--he is a father. He released this song later in 2012 and it had an odd time, but it was coming from a warm place.

Set El Habayib - Ramy Sabry ست الحبايب - رامى صبرى

Joe Ashkar - Ya Omy / جو أشقر - يا أمي

Saad Ramadan - Ednyi Em / سعد رمضان - الدني ام
Sexy moms are out to get you with Naya! Naya-B3idik Ya Mama/نايا- بعيدك ياماما

اغنية مى كساب - امى Mai Kassab - Ommy



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