Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indie Music Cannot Move Past The Spirit Of January 2011

More than two years have passed and the indie music scene is still milking the January  revolution for all it's worth. The last band to join the exploitation is 050 Band--one of the hardest working bands in the post Mubarak years.

Their latest single is about how the spirit of January is still kicking around, the motherland has not heeled yet. I do not know if they will ever stop making music about this topic, but for the common man it might be one too many songs about something that has already happened yet make little sense.

050 band has achieved in very short months a great deal of fame that comes with fan base. This Arabic rock Band From Mansoura , Egypt  has manged to release the Middle East No.1 Song @ TripleW ME Charts and Middle East No.2 Band. Their cool name is inspired by their native town's area code. As for the band members, they are a group of friends who like to play guitar and sing.

Osama El Hady - Vocals - Guitar
Peter AbdelMeseih - Lead Guitar
Hesham Samy - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocal
Hossam Samy - Drums
Safa - Keyboard

050 Band | Yanayer Fel'olob 3ayesh [ Official Video ] يناير فى القلوب عايش


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