Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arab Ladies Who Love Their Moms نايا / مى كساب

Sexy moms are out to get you with Naya! It seems that male pop stars are not the only singers who love their mothers, there are two more ladies joining them to celebrate motherhood on the day Arabs celebrate mothers--March 21.

Slow season, fast season, it's always a good time to celebrate the women who give birth to us, and nurture us. I like both songs, and I feel artists tend to give a better performance when they sing about something real to them--their moms.

In Lebanon Naya--Naya cannot seem to give up on sexy, but sang in studio. And from Egypt Mai Kassab sang--both chose their own mothers as a template

Naya-B3idik Ya Mama/نايا- بعيدك ياماما

 اغنية مى كساب - امى | Mai Kassab - Ommy


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