Tuesday, March 12, 2013

See Shams Open Fire On Retried Fadel Shaker

She was a fan, she thinks he is a gifted musicians  Then she says once this sense is gone, the man is gone. She takes issue with his beard, and his lessons he has preaching in public. She thinks artists are meant ot unite people and not promote a certain ideology.

She is a Muslim just like he is, her trouble with him is his public feud on all other singers, he was not gone away quietly. I like Shams, and she has never shied away from controversy herself. She is no fan of the retired Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker who has been busy promoting the Salafi way. According to Fadel Shaker, he wants his fans to grow beards like he did.

I think Shams has some good points, but she should be careful not to mix the personal with the business. The Kuwaiti songstress seems really disgusted with Fadel and his choices. I think Shams really hates those religious conservatives who often attack her and her choices, so for her Fadel is their loudmouth spokesperson   

شمس تهاجم فضل شاكر لانة اعتزال الفن وصار متدين وملتزم

شمس - تهاجم و تنتقد و تشرشح فضل شاكر.


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