Monday, March 11, 2013

On Her Birthday, See Haifa Wehbe As A Child Photo

All these old men who have been leering at her now feel like crap. Haifa Wehbe, the most notorious and perhaps most sexy among the female pop star population has released an old image of her--that that old I hope. Official Haifa Wehbe is 37 years old. Some say she is way older.

I do not know the picture shows that she is not really that old--the quality of the color picture may support her argument that she is way younger than what most think. Keep on mind she is a grandmother. March 10th is her birthday. We are being told this is her picture at two years of age--I think she might be at least four judging by the length of her hair.

Her fans are happy for her, and keep talking her up...what will be next for Haifa? Since her divorce and it seems too many knives are out to settle the score with her. She really makes men crazy, women jealous or dismissive of her star power. Indeed she has brought a lot of entertainment to far too many people, has enriched the celebrity news services and has made herself rich.

Watch a video put together where you van take a trip down memory lane and see her greatest hits.

Happy Birthday Haifa 2013/2013 عيد ميلاد هيفاء وهبي


  1. She is so pretty
    Young and pretty we love her...