Sunday, March 10, 2013

"We Are Losing #Egypt" Sings Mohamed Rahim

In any given country there are a vocal group or groups that always lets you know where they stand. And in most country, there's a sleeping giant, the people in the middle, who chose not to take side. Those are the same people who keep the country running, the same people who offer a glimpse of hope in the dark.

One of those voices, that stands in the middle and speaks to all the concerned parties is Mohamed Rahim, the contemporary composer turned singer. Rahim is not promoting one party or another, he just wanted to make it known, Egypt should be number one. I think people might be losing Egypt if they continue bickering in teh streets.

I think they should bicker, in the parliament, courts and in the cabinet  But not in the streets and against one another. This is unhealthy, give Egypt a breathing room. Your narrow sighted demands are chocking the country you claim to love.

Rahim's song is about the people who work, who run the country, deliver the mail organize traffic, deliver babies teach a class, farmers and everyone. Please forget your own interests for a minute  for the sake of Egypt. Our enemies want to see a bloodbath. If Egypt rises, we all rise with it. We sink if it sinks....this is the timely message by Rahim.

Ela Kol El Atraf - Mohamed Rahim الى كل الاطراف المعنيه - محمد رحيم


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