Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rock Stars Cannot Govern Nor Can They Rule

Rock music is about saying no to the man, it's about defying the powers and the authority. But to run a country, you are given powers and authority to apply the rule of law. Naturally, rock stars do not like rules and did hate to be told what to do.

So while Morsi is trying to run the government of Egypt, its people and institutions, some out there are on the streets protesting. They want him in less than six month to bring miracles, to bring order to a very chaotic surrounding. While he has done a fair share of mistakes, I think the people of Egypt--or the ones protesting in the streets are being too quick to jump the gun. 

I had those thoughts when I was watching the latest live version of Cairokee's popular song "Spread Your Wings", a rock song about realizing one's true call and living their potential. While clever lyrics are to be celebrated, songs do not really run a country. The politics is messy, we can have heroes all we want, but at the end, they will have to take some steps. Those steps will never be approved by everyone. So difference and resentment is a human nature.

What we cannot do is be violent to one another. Like those police in the streets of Egypt beating up protesters  You should not be doing that. On the flip side, thugs and bullies are also on the streets and those should not be mistaken for real citizens who have concerts for the direction of the country. Cairokee is one of many bands that has engaged in making music about dreams and aspirations, I think this is the right time for such bands to make songs about giving peace a change.

I have no doubt in my mind that Morsi loved Egypt and those who support him love her as much. And yes, those who are protesting him believe in Egypt too and care for it. When the dust settle I do not want to see Egyptians bringing destruction to the Egypt we all love.

050 Ft Amir Eid ( Cairokee ) - Efred Gena7ak | إفرد جناحك


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