Saturday, March 9, 2013

Elissa, Wael, Hussein and Carole Drama On X Factor

The sixth episode of X Factor Arabia comes the full circle, each of the four judges has assembled his crew and picked the talent pool he or she will be working with and not they will lock them in a closed boot camp for coaching, training and preparation phase to the face-off stage.

Elissa (ladies), Carole (bands), Hussein (older than 25) And Wael (dudes) have already met with their teams and started the program. This is where the drama kicks in and people get fired as each of the judges has to pick just six of his team and bring them to perform  I love how the drama gets people interested  And see how the young talents fight each others on the song choice.

The next stage in the boot camp is the visit to the judges home. There are so many characters on the show and this is is good for the rating--like the chef assistant from Morocco who has such a great voice with an odd flavor. Note how that soda company has vending machines all over the set. Also keep on mind, how the talents on the show try to do cover of songs by the artist judging their act.

Wael will take his team to Beirut, Carole will take hers to Cairo, Elissa is flying them to Istanbul and Hussein is going with his team to Dubai.

الحلقة السادسة كاملة - المعسكر المغلق - The X Factor 2013


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