Wednesday, March 13, 2013

@Shamma_Hamdan The UAE Lady That Rocks

Some people might not be ready Shamma Hamdan, the jeans wearing and guitar playing lady. Taking part of Arabs Got Talent and rocking the airwaves with her style and her confidence. Not to forget her t-shirts have also been a subject of debate by some. At just 18, the schoolgirl from Dubai founds herself in the full glare of the celebrity spotlight after becoming the first Emirati woman to make it through to the finals of the hit reality TV show.

During her stint on Arabs Got Talent, the pigs dressed like men came to attack her, her clothes and her look, they really got to her and according to one interview--she cried at night. This is just because she is trying to do something different, she is not posing or copying anyone, this is her style. So back off people, those are the same people who go on pleasure trips to places like Thailand and Eastern Europe.

Shamma had to face many delusional critics:

"It was like fire, rumours spread about my origin, that I am not 'originally' Emirati, that I am from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, even Afghanistan, cause, hey, I don't look like the typical Emirati," she said. In fact the family is from Al Raisi tribe. "I am not a tomboy, not a boyat, not anything. I am just a musician who is a bit sporty," she says. "I like to surf when I am not playing music." "Imagine I performed in an abaya and shayla while playing on a guitar? What would they say? I would be called the biggest sinner in the world." 

Shamma, is from the UAE, a place known for many contradiction and global appeal. Her sister singed her up for the show's audition and she only fond out two days prior to the day of audition. She worked hard to persuade her family who have eventually given her their approval. Not only does Shamma have a great and lovely voice, she writes some of her songs and composes music as well. This talent alone puts Shamma light years ahead of your favorite pop star. Not just that, she can also compose songs in Spanish, giving her guitar an extra flavor.

I have enjoyed her most recent single (Wish Aby Aqool) where the artists heart and pride collide and give us a great performance by this dazzling young voice from the Gulf who have manged to thrive despite all the hate. Talents like Shamma should be supported not buried  because she is putting the attention back on music and good lyrics not on all other distractions.

 شمه حمدان - ويش كنت باقول | Shamma Hamdan

#ArabsGotTalent - S2 - Final - شما حمدان


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