Saturday, March 16, 2013

Listen: Amal Hijazi Super Sweet Romantic Love Song

Amal Hijazi has survived those who have waged a war against her. Early this year, some made a big deal of hr filming a music video in Morocco near a mosque. She was never inside the mosque, the area was a tourist area and lots of tourists go and visit. Anyhow months later, there was a modeling show near that site, and no one has made a big Amal Hijazi felt vindicated.

Her 2010 song might be her most romantic song to date, and the lyrics music have been crafted by Salim Essaf, the hit-maker of Lebanese pop. He actually has brought the best in Amal, he wrote a song that only works for her and for her talent.

This is a super dreamy song, the song that can only come from the girl version every man wishes to get to meet. Amal has outdone herself in this track, she gave us the best version of herself and if you are a fan, you will cheer. None fans will appreciate this solid convincing performance.

أمل حجازي - بخاف: Amal Hijazi : Bkhaf


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