Saturday, March 30, 2013

Models Washing Dirty Bikes On A Lebanese Beach

If freedom and democracy means getting young women to wash bikes for men as they stand by watching, I want no part of that. In Lebanon over the summer, some modeling agency and a bike shop held an event on the beach--a family friendly beach. Where dozens of bikini wearing skinny foreign girls danced to a loud beat as they pretended to wash already clean bikes.

The stupid marketing people, do not have to think anymore. Sex is their answer to any challenge they have. So when they wanted to amuse their demographic, overweight men with small private parts, they brought them the models to dance wearing next to nothing. Motorcycle agencies are trying to make a run for the Middle East. I hope those women showed up to their work and looked like they were having fun on the beach. I am certain their parents are proud of their child being objectified 

The good news the modeling agency is run by a well-spoken woman who is taking about her girls. The even organizer says, his event is creative. I disagree. Anyhow watch this lame video form Lebanon, a country that learns all the wrong lessons from the Western and Eastern Civilizations.

في لبنان: الدراجة النارية تُغسَل بيدّ أُنثوية