Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Slow Day, Here Are Two Whatever Music Vidoes

I have no idea who these two young performers are, and frankly I do not care all that much. I only know that they got to appear in this music video and I didn't. Pyramedia is turning itself int a hub that makes music videos on the cheap--just in studio shoots with the artists standing and acting like he is having a good time. Not great songs by any measure, but may be entertaining.

Meet Talal and Adel Haky, the two artists who will be pretending to entertain you and I want you to pretend to be entertained! Ok, I will tell you about Adel Haky, he is an Egyptian guitarist who has lived in Spain where he has mastered the guitar. He has made song songs with Arm Diab. Adel makes music for Disney movies--the Arabic versions. This time he is singing too

طلال - مش هتغير / Talal - Msh Hat3'yr

عادل حقي - ليله / Adel Haky - Leela


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