Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do You Miss Elain Khalaf? Here's Her Greatest Hits

Pop singers may fade away, but some of their better known songs outlasts them. Even the most mediocre pop singer has a song or two that people have actually loved. That means, no fans might not come in, but the old ones feel the urge to playing such songs again for good times sake.

One of those pop stars is Elaine Kalaf, a Lebanese hot chick who has never outgrew her image of being a an eye candy. She appeared in the mid and late nineties and she made the leap to the new melinuem, but her fame did not stick around as much as she would have liked. For her time, she was bold. She did music videos in the bedroom, in the bathroom and just about any place you can imagine.

There was only her and three other pop singers from Lebanon, then all of sudden the floodgate has opened and we had a tens of them. That made it harder to a fun personal with an average voice to cement her stardom. Nevertheless, Elaine is still out there, making singles and trying to break into the Gulf music scene. She is battling depression and has seen a doctor. She is also worried about growing old. She has also met a streak of emotional bad luck where her fiance stole money from her.

While Aline or Elaine is working on a comeback with a new ten track album with songs in a number of popular dialects, she has not released new material lately. For good times, sake I have included two awesome and older music videos of hers and two more that came later.

ALINE KHALAF ألين خلف ـ دلع الحبايب

 يا صبابين الشاي - الين خلف-كليبات

Meny Leek - Elain Khalaf منى ليك - إلين خلف

Bardo Sodfa - Elain Khalaf برضه صدفة - إلين خلف

اغنية الين خلف - يا اخى لا | Aline Khalaf - Ya A5y La