Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vote For This! Awakening Talent Contest - Mc Dahab - Egypt

Awakening Talent Contest is heating up as submissions from around the globe are pouring in. They are searching for talents they can sign up and work with on a contract. Naturally  they want someone who promotes good citizenship and the teachings of Islam.

There are many talented people out there from the greater Muslim community who embody those principles  they just need to have something that can be cold. I watched many of the submissions, and I find myself partial to a young Egyptian lyricists and a raper who in very quiet ways has been rocking the boat. Not only are his words fascinating  but also attends one of the most highly regarded Muslim University -he is a student at Al Azhar in Cairo.

He has chose  a song about the virtues of the Hijab. He has a lot more songs about life, standing up and being grateful to those who help us. I wish the video quality was a little bit better, but one works with what he has.

Awakening Talent Contest - Mc Dahab - Egypt


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