Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WATCH: Carmen Suleiman - Kalam Kalam | كارمن سليمان - كلام كلام

And the first official Arab Idol is back with a new fun song proper to her age. For the past two years Carmen Suleiman has been doing songs she had to do--none of them seemed to be her. This 18 year old pop star has the gentle soul, loving family and the music brain of legend.

"Kalam Kalam" is the perfect choice where catchy beat meets a funky feel song by a young starlet who has every bit of talent. The song is from Carmen where she tells her love interest that he is all about talk and no action. This is a song that might have been shot at a college campus where everyone looks styling, sporting shades and kicking it around. This is the sassiest music video I've seen in a long time

I love how the popular guys pulls so many girls from his pocket, and then he hits the Carmen wall where she takes him to school. It seems the male model likes the ladies a lot more than he likes one woman. Carmen changes his luck around. A song about the battle of the sexes and the might women have in their struggle against men.

I like the point being made ladies need to rise up as they do not have to settle for lousy guys. The pretty boys now have to man up and start acing like gentlemen. I love the glamorous shots and have enjoyed Carmen deliver a pop song that actually shows some of her strong vocal showing.

Carmen Suleiman - Kalam Kalam | كارمن سليمان - كلام كلام


  1. Oh, man. So close. This song would have been really killer with a little more variety in the arrangement. It needed a big bridge or an instrumental break or a catchy drop to break up the repetition.

  2. I love this sooooong ;)