Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hala Turk Sets Jalast On FIRE

The Gulf people like to have a good time, they spend loads of money on their parties, the good news those parties are so much fun as the people spare no expense to make them special. But the bad news only dudes dance on camera. Women can sing, but cannot dance.

Dudes, do not mind those Jalasat they mix with ladies within reason. But the guys are the only ones who can show off their dance moves--just like they do in Dupont Circle here. I have always wanted to be there for one of those sessions. The clip below from the biggest produced Jalasat assembly. Watch Hala Turk and Mashael sing their song in both Arabic and English.

Something tell me those ladies are not your typical Gulf ladies, they duo have a chemistry where they play mother daughter. You do not get many songs in languages other than Arabic, but it took this very cute and clearly spoiled girl to break the mold

#جلسات_وناسة_2013 - مشاعل وحلا الترك "بنيتى الحبوبة"


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