Friday, March 15, 2013

Listen: Fares Karam 2013 Albnum سيمبلات البوم فارس كرم

The original party guy from Lebanon is releasing yet another album, an album for parties and those who like them. Fares has aged in front of our eyes but his music and style never seem to age. I think the cover art for the album is pretty cool. He is doing the old/beat up man look with an old vintage car. Exactly, somethings never go out of style.

Your heart is my capital is the title song and it has hit the airwaves as the buzz is building up about this new release. To be fair, Fares is the Cadillac of Lebanese party artist, his songs are a must play at whatever wedding or happy occasion one has. He knows the crowds and he knows what gets their party juices flowing.

Those will be 12 tracks of amazing dance beats with some heartfelt lyrics, but in the tradition of Fares Karam, what he says is not that important how he does it is. He is never out of breath and he is not the guy to be short on passionate lyrics 

01 - Ajebni
02 - Al Asemah
03 - Am Dawir Ala Arouss
04 - Badda Asfourieh
05 - Bkhatrik
06 - Dadi
07 - El Raoucheh
08 - Elli Byekzoub Ala Marto
09 - Fawaa El Metre we Sabean
10 - La Mchilik Hafeh
11 - Marrou Al Ayna Bnayat
12 - Tfarkash Be Khyalo

Fares Karam NEW HIT El 3asmeh / فارس كرم - العاصمة

Fares Karam NEW ALBUM Teaser / إعلان ألبوم فارس كرم


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