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The Best (Winners And Losers) On X Factor Arabia

I think X factor is getting to narrow their list of talented names. They are ready to show off their finest voices and show off. One of those is a guy with the name Ibrahim, he is Libyan and he is ready to make them proud--I like him. He makes good choices and shows a level of maturity when doing cover songs. He might be going home, Elissa and Wael were unkind to him. Hussein and Carole were supportive. He was hurt becasue Libya could not vote due to their issues with telecommunication.

ابراهيم - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The other lady is Salwa whose talent is hard to miss. She seems to have the face for it, she is ready to entertain. Her covers of those English songs are something of a novelty, she has it figured out. She has the stage presence and gets in the act. She does the rock star persona very well, though her latest performance left something to be desired. She is also the youngest contestant and she is from Morocco.

سلوى أنلوف - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Merayah, the band that knows what they want and have their own way of doing business. They are a boy band from Egypt who have the sweet and bad boy sides. I think they can do so much more than the soft song they performed. They are a crowd pleasing, but again they song did not allow them to show the happy side.

فرقة مرايا - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

He is the statement on the show and his name is Hussam, he has a strong voice, and a highly classy style. He has been singing fro some time since he was an 8 year old boy. I like this guy, he seems to have his quirks going right for him. He does the old man trapped in a young man's body so well. He is Lebanese and from the same area as Wael Kfoury.

حسام ترشيشي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Egypt gets her own lady on X Factor and her name is Marwa. She has that zen when she performer the oldies, she never races in her voice and she seems to need not to worry about her taking a breath. She comes across as comfortable and confident--thanks to growing in a music loving house\hold.

مروى أحمد - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

She is Moroccan and ready for prime time. She started singing in her school and has taken part of a singing show in Morocco. Now she is ready to perform something from Fayrouz. Iman is a strong contender. The judges seem to love her, she chose a song that everyone knows, so messing up in this song means she will go home--I feel she delivered it. She has the Wow factor!

إيمان كركيبو - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The guy who does not seem to want to be there comes from Jordan. He knows himself and not shopping around for an opinion from pop stars. He has something to share with the world. I like him fro that, he does not sell his charisma, but he sells high quality songs, this is Adham and I think he is a solid voice and he may actually win. I think the judges have challenged him to bring the best in him.  He is very good and Jordan will vote him in and push his brand.

أدهم نابلسي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

This is the most unique voice, he is a young Moroccan artist. I love his voice, he is very different and no one out there will be able to copy him. Think a unique George Wassouf, a voice that you cannot help but love even so you may not always understand it. The fans love this dude, and give him the votes. Certainly the boys love him. He is the candy of this show, he actually has divided the panle Elissa and Hussein are among his biggest cheerleaders.

محمد الريفي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The most talented band on the show, they are the creative force, they bring so much energy and charm , the band members are best of friends, there is so much chemistry. I love the Young Pharoz and something tell me, they are the number one band on the show and they are ready to smoke their competitors out. They are so smooth and Egypt has loved their style. The lady (Shahad) on this trio brings so much flavor in both English and Arabic. They put on a show each has their own talent that sells, but together they are something not to be overlooked.

Young Pharoz - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Ali or Aly from Saudi Arabia, he is 20 years old and he loves his family so very much. He lacks the stage presence, he is good, but I do not think for the big league. He choses to stay withing the Gulf dialect and he is already a star. He does not know this, people love him, he just does not know how to show how much he loves them back

علي حامد - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

The Omani dude who is like a magician. I love this dude, he always thinks about the song is his last song, so he goes all in. The judges really like him and he is a crowd pleaser  he knows how to show love and appreciation. He does wonders when he holds the microphone. It's safe to say he will go far, because even people outside Oman\love him--he might be the second artists to be born in that country.  Another thing, he performs like he is a Western star focuses on the show part, and not just the song.
المنتصر بالله - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013

Another band with a very cool name, ninja is ready they come to us from the West, they have the hustle and flow thing going for them. They do rap, and each come with a story they have gone far with the Western bloc of the Arab world. They are all about energy and joy. They are fun to see them live, their fusion works to their advantage. I believe they are Tunisian. They took a challenge and turned a Lebanese dance song to their own style. Tunisians have to be really good to make it out and thoe guys are no different, they hit all the right notes.

Les Bledards Ninja - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 2 - The X Factor 2013


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