Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cheesing Things Up With Saber El Rebai

I do not personally know Saber El Rebai, but I know that he loves a good cry or at least his songs lead you to believe. It's like he goes out in the world, finds the wrong people, falls in love with them. And then he comes to us telling his tale of how he was wronged  Maybe we can help him the first time, but the second times he comes it becomes harder and harder.

The only reason he shot to fame was become to his happy and dance friendly song Sidi Mansour of 2000, but then he started making romantic songs, they were great. But such songs do not have a great feel to them, you won't play them on your car or race to see them in a concert.

Saber visited the Tunisian song again and made a number of good hits, but he is looking for something more durable so he dabbling into composing songs and writing more hard hitting songs that will be among his legacy. Cool is good for ten years, and then you have to look for another job. Whatever it's Saber is still around, and he moonlights as a judge on the Voice.


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