Sunday, March 31, 2013

Listen: When Women Celebrate Other Women Assala & Angham In "Hessa"

One lucky princess in the Khalij had not one but two accomplished divas perform a song on her name. The well off folks in the Gulf area have always liked poetry and have always enriched those who write up something nice about them--they are very generous

This time, their generosity brought together two ladies of Arabic song, Angham from Egypt and Assala from Syria teamed up for this duet where they are celebrating one princess Sheikhah--female sheikh. A song about a very proud women by two of the proudest humans on Arab TV.

The song is about a person and her accomplishment, her high sense and her manners. It plays like a book of poems. I love the music, but I feel while this song does not have the average listener on mind, it still offers. If I was the person named "Hessa", I would feel very special right now.

I love how both artists brought their A game and have challenged their past to make one touching track they have made for someone special. They sound like they really adore Hessa and it shows.

Assala & Angham - Hessa / اصاله & انغام - حصة


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