Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear Suckers Of Israel, Please Watch This Song

Do not worry, the lyrics for this song are in English subtitle, so you won't miss any of the passionate lines Hamza Namira has for you. This is a song that came last year, and Hamza is a clam guy, he is one of those sober voices in Egypt. The world is not picking on Israel, they may not like their actions but none of them can do anything about it. Israel likes to believe it has superior ethics, but when it comes to their own interest-they would kill, imprison, abuse and discriminate. Yes, they are not all the same, sometimes people have legitimate concerns.   

I have no issues with Israelis, I do take issues with violent Israelis, the ones who incite violence, steal land, and murder people. And my most hates one are the racist ones who discriminate against us in places like Jerusalem. Jews have always been welcome in the holy land, but what is happening right now, is that they want to kick everyone out.

This song is about justice and about history. Hamza's guitar is more of a threat to the Israeli right wing, that the most lethal weapon. This is a war of ideas, and the right win in Israel have just lost it and the United Nation has just handed them another defeat.

Ana Ya Israel - Hamza Namira | أنا.. يا إسرائيل - حمزة نمرة


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