Monday, March 11, 2013

Tattoos, Beef Cakes And New Singer Zayne

The problem with having a common name in Arabic (or any other) music, is that there are so many of them out there. If we have a last name, things would get easier. This is what I had to go through to search the artists with the name Zayne in the clip below. There are half a dozen artists with that name.

This guy spends a great deal of him time at the local gym where he likes to press the he also wants to sing. And for that we must bear with him as he gives us a tour of all the cool places mapped in ink on his bud.

this silly season indeed. the promo almost makes fun of itself. Maybe I am wrong maybe all those kids who watch American shows are up to something. This could also be an ad spot for a gym where UFC fighters get tough. I like creative material and this can go either way, so till we see the music video, we are out of luck

Zayne - Be Strong Soon


  1. we will have to wait and see that is the whole point of teasers. and wants to sing? lol don't play stupid you know who British/ Egyptian artist Zayne is i just read another blog of yours. good blog site by the way

  2. Who is playing stupid? There are half a dozen Arab artists with that name both guys and girls. I Like good stuff, and I tend to be nicer....but again, I am still unsure who is Zayne? Not much info out there, please share.

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog