Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hot: Rashed Al Majid "2013" RBT Promo 1 | راشد الماجد "2013" نغمات الأنتظار

He might be one of the Khalij--Gulf my all time favorite stars. He is a rock star in my book, and he almost never ever speaks to the press. He is the voice most people of Saudi Arabia--even those who do listen to music love him.

Simply put he is Rashed Al Majid, the voice that won us over when he wanted to do pop music a decade ago. But now he gives us something else, romantic songs are his shtick. He is also the richest star, and has a while fleet of the fanciest cars.

Now, let's check out his new promo for the album that I will be listening to for ages, We have 22 sample of the promo. While he does have his own production company, he is happy to let them work with other lables to bring his music to more places.

I have come to appreciate the poetry of his words, his upbeat music and most of all the wise language he uses. He sounds like a gentleman making music for other sophisticated people. He is almost never mad, just either giddy or jaded.

Rashed Al Majid "2013" RBT Promo 1 | راشد الماجد "2013" نغمات الأنتظار


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